Project Description


Lupin – the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in the US, headquartered in India, with revenues of USD 1.6 billion – needed timely approvals for travel requests placed by their employees, to ensure early bookings that could result in significant cost savings on travel tickets and accommodation.

Lupin IT was in the midst of automating their business processes and now wanted to make these processes accessible on mobile devices. Of the various business processes the travel request process was most frequently used by employees and had a few challenges

  • On-field employees could submit travel requests only from their office laptop / PC.
  • Managers could only approve these requests from their office desks.
  • Travel desk received these requests, a day or hours before the travel schedule, making it difficult to confirm bookings.

Lupin, approached the team at Mobiliteam™, who has a proven track record of developing and deploying enterprise mobile applications within minutes on its mobile enterprise application platform.


Mobiliteam, enterprise mobility experts created a rollout strategy in agreement with the business and IT team to deploy the application on employee mobiles.
The platform was integrated with the existing business workflow systems through service layers to allow submissions of travel requests and manager approvals for these requests from the mobile phone. The mobile app was designed on the platform, with contextual help to assist the employees submit travel request when on the field and these approved requests would immediately be notified to the travel desk.


The mobile application was successfully rolled out to 15000 employees within 3 weeks, including a round of testing and pilot run with select business users.
The mobile application rollout has resulted in significant cost savings on travel bookings and a delightful user experience through profile preferences that reduce the input fields when making travel submissions. 65% travel requests at Lupin are now processed 3 days in advance.